Shadow Eclipse: Voyage launches!

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cover for Shadow Eclipse: Voyage

It’s taken me 10 years to go from finishing the first draft to finally releasing it, but book 1 of the Shadow Eclipse series is finally out!

And here’s the first attempt at a blurb:

From 21st century PhD student to 23rd century vampire space mercenary, Clarke’s had a busy week.

Discovering you are a vampire would normally be the most notable thing in someone’s day. For Clarke, it gets narrowly edged out when an experiment traps her 200 hundred years into the future. Enlisting as a mercenary on a smuggling vessel that seems to spend more time seeking fights than actually smuggling is an unusual career move for a PhD student. But when you have no money, no ID and the yakuza want a quiet word about a completely honest misunderstanding, then perhaps poor life choices are the only life choices.

Okay, so you do have to deal with pirate attacks, a surely captain that refuses to meet you, a ship’s armory that seems to have far too many stakes in it, Orcish squad-mates who keep drinking the illicit coffee you are trying to smuggle, more pirate attacks, your own (future) self who is involving you in her own machinations and a irritating but magnetic vampire lover whose personal quest for vengeance has already gotten him killed once.