Some nice reviews on GoodReads

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Link to Shadow Eclipse: Voyage on GoodReads

A couple of nice reviews on GoodReads:

‘A cool book that ticks all yer fantasy, sci-fi and horror boxes. I loved watching Clarke get into scrapes almost as much as I enjoyed finding out how she got out of them! Set in a universe that has time travel AND spaceships AND vampires AND Orcs, there’s enough interplanetary fun and frolics for everyone. A must for all geeky genre fans of all the geeky genres!’

‘As I started with, I struggle to pigeon hole this. Is it urban fantasy? yes. sci-fi? yes. I guess the closest touchstones I can think of are Shadowrun (if it was space opera rather than cyberpunk) or the Deathstalker books. I would also look to Micheal Scott-Earle’s books (Star justice in particular), although the gender of the hero puts it outside his normal segment. But at the end of the day, time-travelling vampires in space - what’s not to like?.’

And, one 2 star rating from someone, although, I looked at his rating system, and his average rating is 2.1, so, I guess I should be happy with a 2 from that reader.

I really like it when I read reader’s reviews and they agree with what things I think are awesome, it’s like finding new friends. And, thinking back to showing my novel to a local writing group, where a local literary fiction writer said ‘Why are you writing about vampires?’ whilst rolling her eyes, well, because some people, myself included, think they can be pretty awesome!

Also, I gotta be honest, the reviews on my novels are much nicer and fun to read than most the reviews I got on my scientific papers.